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 Taking out campers

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Join date : 2011-10-08
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PostSubject: Taking out campers   Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:51 pm

taking out campers

Everybody hates campers although we do it all the time because it seems to be the only option when you are losing or you only have a few guys left, but let me tell you it is definately not the only option, camping against the whole damn team usually means FAILIURE and like the Rangers say "failiure is not an option" Although people camp all the time and win its just cuz their pussies and they dont know how to play like a man (LOL i camp all the time) but Just because they are camping doesent mean you haft to just run in and go suicide hoping that u will kill everyone with a deagle, yes sometimes that does happen but that is not the way of the 501, going suicide is the way of the dumbass.

Now for an example alot of people like to camp in that spot on distant port where the tunnel goes up the ramp right by the spawn point, i call it the tunnel house. Now People in the Tunnel house have a big advantage because of their cover and their height, whenever someone is higher than you it is almosy always easier for them to kill you then for you to kill them, if you try coming up the ramp theres like 1-4 guys sitting there and they just shoot you. On the top there is a door where people just sit behind the wall with shotguns and deagles and blow u away.

1. the most important skill is taking out a camper is patience, the longer u can wait the more upset and curious your enemy gets and you can just wait for them to come out and bang, but some are smarter than that...

2.The best thing to do is wait by a dead body as sabian likes to call it fishing, i call it homo gaurding. If you wait behind cover for the enemy to get out of his nest then he will immeadiatly go for that revive.

3.Some would say the best weapon for the job is a deagle, grenades or a shotgun... that is partialy true and i get really pissed when a dumbass runs up the distant port map with a sniper. Now a sniper can be very useful in a camper elimination situation. for example on distant port there is the back door in the tunnel house where people like to camp, this does work if the your enemy cannot see you but in a sniper situation if you have your crosshairs on that door and your enemy gets impatient then u can bag him right there and then someone will try to revive him like i said homo guarding can work if you now what your doing. Snipers can also provide good info like how many men they have seen in the nest or where the enemy is so that the rest of the team can look out for him.

4. Now i call this tactic "the gay-ass wall trick Nawty although it is gay and i hate it when it happens to me it can be very useful when taking out a camper... you take a c4 or claymore and place it in the wall where u think that the enemy is on the other side after that u dtonate it and it should kill the enemy if he is close enough to the wall. (When using claymores, place more than one in the same location to kill the camper if they back away, youll usually still kill them if it is an enclosed space)

5. now this is another patience trick i call "dyeing with honor" what you do is you send 1 man into the camper nest and let him die, well u dont haft to let him die but if he can kill everyone that is great, but otherwise u wait till after he dies and u dont do anything and the enmy will think that was the only man out there and come out of the nest and thats when u bag him. BTW when i say bag it means kill Twisted Evil

6. Now this is also a dumbass tactic but it is the most used, just run up and shoot everyone... ya its stupid but it tends to work sometimes. the only reason i would use this tactic if there is only 1 or 2 men camping

7. now taking out a sniper, u will need to surround him or get in a spot where u can take him out without him seeing you, another tactic for taking out snipers is to just run up there and shoot him because often times he wont have enough time to get his secondary and you can kill him and if he tries to use his sniper he is almost 100% screwed through the butthole because snipers have horrible lock on speed and are horrible in closed spaces unless you have that full auto sniper but even that one still sux ass for tight spaces. You can also attempt to counter snipe him/her, though this is not recommended if you do not have a sniper. This is because the moment you miss, he will most likely disappear or possibly just look at you and snipe you.

afro sorry that was random but i felt like putting it on here.

8. now one more tactic, if the nest has more than one entrance point then u can send half your team to each entrance and have one team run in and distract the enemy while the other moves in, i call this tactic "the gang rape" im sure u can imagine why......... get it...entrace points..........going through all the entrance points....... anyway, this is a very effective tactic in camping situations. When you do this be sure to coordinate over the mic that way one side doesn't get itself killed while the other sits there wondering WTF are they doing moving NOW?.

well hope u all enjoyed and learned lots of bad words please post your comments if you see something that you would like edited of course sabian you can edit whatever you want and remeber to post

thanks for reading



Last edited by luitdas on Sat Mar 03, 2012 7:20 pm; edited 2 times in total
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Posts : 459
Join date : 2011-10-08
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: Taking out campers   Mon Jan 23, 2012 12:21 am

Good job, added a bit to it and corrected a few spelling errors. Keep up the good work
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Posts : 13
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Age : 21
Location : Oxnard, CA

PostSubject: Re: Taking out campers   Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:34 am

you said now when u meant know check the spelling and is this mostly for d-port
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Posts : 459
Join date : 2011-10-08
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: Taking out campers   Thu Mar 01, 2012 4:23 pm

Masakure, if you would like you can add to it though its gets enough across. This works fairly well and has the general idea. One shouldnt need a specific example to take out an enemy. Just a general strategy to use as a base, though if you arent very good at strategy, you will most likely need this forum so...
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PostSubject: Re: Taking out campers   

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Taking out campers

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