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PostSubject: Sniping NOT QUICKSCOPING, SNIPING)   Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:44 pm

Real sniping in this game takes alot of skill and patience. This is not a guide for those who run around with a sniper rifle as it is a one shot kill(sometimes 2 shots kill). I do not do that. I do not call that sniping at all.

This guide can also be applied to run and gunners and new players in SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3.

A sniper provides enemy location for the assault part of the team. They are essential in a fireteam as they can provide fire support from a very long distance. In captive mode, they can watch the dead enemies and prevent them from reviving. A sniper can also scare a whole bunch of enemies as they will start taking cover as soon as you kill one even though they know where your shots are coming from. This provides an opportunity for your team to advance or pick them from behind.

If you are a good sniper, you will end up having a good kill to death ratio. More kills than deaths.

The 1st step is picking the best sniper. These are the ones that I really liked as because they are deadly.

For long range sniping :
-XM500 is a very good sniper. Sometimes, it takes 2 shots to kill one enemy. It is quieter than the M82. Same number of bullets per mag as M82.
-M82A1 used to be my favourite sniper but it is too loud. Sometimes it is innacurate when you shoot while standing. The best position to get an accurate shot is by proning with this gun. XM500's younger brother.
- Cheytac(C-Tac) is also good but I never really use this as much since you will reload frequently. This will provide a chance for your target to run away. It only carries 7 bullets per mag compared to 10 bullets per mag that both M82 and XM500 can carry.

For close range sniping:
- The automatic/semi-automatic snipers such as SR-25 or SASR.
- Chey Tac sniper is an accurate sniper for long and short range sniping.
- VSV-39 is the cheapest sniper of all for short range sniping or close quarter. You all know why.

The 2nd step in sniping is figuring out the best possible sniping spot. Some maps are very hard to snipe at all. 3 of the maps included in FTB3 are designed for CQB/CQC. They are Crossfire Cove, Rampart Rumble, Permafrost. You can still try to snipe in these maps but there are too many covers for your target to go and hide.

Here are the list of maps that you can actually Snipe.
1. Distant Port
2. Market Week
3. Terminal Atrocity
4. Crimson Basin - yes...everyone hates this map and this is where snipers shines.

The 3rd step is choosing the best secondary weapon. DE.50 is awesome as you are always being spotted by the enemy point blank. P-90 or HK-5 are my choices if the handguns are disabled. I am starting to like the UMP .45. (GMP in the game)

The 4th step is wear headphones. You can hear foot steps of an approaching enemy while you are on your scope. This will give you a warning and a little bit of time to pull out your secondary and prepare for a firefight. If you don't have headphones, ask a teammate to watch your back. He/She can be your spotter too. He/She can tell you a location of a target while you are in your scope.

The 5th step into being a good sniper is to snipe from a place where it is not obvious. Most players lay down in an open area where they think they are safe. If possible just peek on the corner while sniping. Do not reveal your body. Just reveal your gun and your head.

The 6th step is to think like your enemy. Where do you think your enemy will come from? Predict. Where do you think YOU would hide if you are on their side.

The 7th step. If you are spotted, fired upon, and missed shot from an enemy, RUN AWAY. AWAY! I noticed some players will continue to snipe or pull out their pistol and try to kill a bunch of enemies coming to their way. As a result, they often get killed.

If this happens to you in captive, run away and take a non obvious path. Run AWAY from your enemy NOT TOWARDS the enemy as you are no match for their assault rifles.

If planted mines are enabled such as C4s or Claymore, bring them. They can provide an excellent defence while you run away. Although, this requires some timing and skill.

C4s and Claymores are also a proven way to distract your enemies or confuse them or even attract them to that location for you to snipe them. In captive mode, distractions can make some of your opponents to leave your dead teammate's bodies. Thus you can revive. Thank goodness that you can detonate the mine wherever you are in the map.

The 8th step to follow is to relax. You are a sniper. You should have patience. Do not take out your scope from a dead enemy from a distance. This is what I call fishing. "Fishing" is using your dead opponents body as a bait. You can start killing more enemies from just having 1 kill. Works all the time in Captive mode. Wait until they are trying to revive their teammate before you shoot. **WARNING** There is a point where you cannot kill them while your enemy is trying to revive its teammate. As soon as they do the reviving motion, shoot them TWICE. Shoot them TWICE all the time.

The 9th step is a habit that you should have while changing your sniping location. ALWAYS look behind you and the spot where you came from as most of the time, there is someone following you or right behind your trail. You can try sniping them or taking them out with your secondary if it is close quarters.

The 10th step and final or most important step to remember while sniping is maintain your DISTANCE. Distance also means bullet travel. I noticed that I have to aim ahead by 2-3 lines from the center if your target is moving. So watch out for that as well. You have the ability to lock-on and shoot further than an ordinary assault rifle. Use this advantage when sniping. Shoot once. If you missed, Turn around and run away.

Extra tips!

- Sniper rifles and ordinary rifles produces tracers. This provides you the location of the enemy. As soon as you see one. Follow where it came from. Most likely they are still there.

- Hold R ONLY when your crosshairs are really close to your target. If you hold R all the time while trying to move your crosshairs to your intended target, you might loose him or shoot you first. This might require practice.

- Sometimes you get too excited and fire too early. Sometimes when the enemy is moving they would do sudden turns. If you fire and miss, your cover is blown. Sometimes let the enemy run and report to your teammates of your target's location.

- Since it is hard to tell who is friendly or not on long range sniping, communicate with your teammate. They might run away but at least you have the info of the enemy's location. You can shoot them once (if FF is off). If blood comes out, its an enemy. Remember, a winning team is better than having the most kill. This is the tradition of SOCOM since SOCOM 1 for PS2.

- If you get so close to an enemy, rifle butt them then shoot. Heavy rifles can knock them down easily.

- Hold R while in third person if you suspect that you are about to encounter an enemy. By holding R, you will decrease the noise you make and make your character slower. Hold position when you hear their footsteps and get ready to shoot your submachinegun or pistol.

- Play snipe no cross rooms. Best place to practice sniping. Know the borderline where you can't cross...or you will get voted.

- BEWARE OF INVISIBLE WALLS. I hate them. I hate them so much! Blown up trucks, wooden post, pots, and those light post will prevent you from killing your target if they are hiding behind or close to one of these things.

- You can use night vision in some maps. Use it and you will see great improvement on your vision and distance.

-If there are no snipers allowed in a map, I find a famas or an HW work quite nicely

Last edited by sabian49 on Tue Jan 24, 2012 4:01 pm; edited 3 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Sniping NOT QUICKSCOPING, SNIPING)   Sun Jan 08, 2012 1:35 am

nice tutorial
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Posts : 459
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Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: Sniping NOT QUICKSCOPING, SNIPING)   Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:11 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Sniping NOT QUICKSCOPING, SNIPING)   Sat Mar 10, 2012 6:05 pm

Those are pretty accurate examples of what happens while sniping. Now I'm never the sniper in those situations , I'm the guy with a HW giving back up or sniping with it. But still good advice for even people with assault rifles too.
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PostSubject: Re: Sniping NOT QUICKSCOPING, SNIPING)   

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