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 Close Quarters Combat/CQC hand to and combat

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PostSubject: Close Quarters Combat/CQC hand to and combat   Sun Jun 03, 2012 5:45 pm

CQC is my favorite type of combat other than successfully Sniping. TheWhole Idea of close quarters combat is to be smarter and quicker in the few seconds that it lasts. What i see a lot of people do is Just go up to the enemy and lock on to them and try to melee but the reason it doesn't work is because right when your enemy sees you he thinks the same thing which is to lock onto you and shoot with range and melee without range. What happens is you both walk by each other trying to melee each other while your locked on and your camera does that spinning thing to try and get back to locking onto your enemy and it slows down your character by about half the speed he/she usually has and like i said the main key in winning a CQC fight is speed and strategy. In this kind of situation the trick is to not lock onto your enemy. What happes is you both end up walking past each other but while your enemy is doing the spinny thing trying to lock on to you again you can just turn around super fast and kick his ass with melee or a shot in the back. The bast weapons for CQC are the Model 18, the DE 50 and shotguns. The reason these weapons work is because they are quick and very mobile and have a wide fire rand, this is where Inaccurate weapons come in handy. I cant say as much for the DE 50 because it is slow and not as mobile as shotguns or the Model 18. Lighter weapons increase your speed even though its hard to notice just imagine trying to melee with the mm1 it doesnt work. The best way to lay down a melee is to not lock on and run straight towards the enemy, right when you are both about to smack each other you have 3 tactics

1. Take step back and fire before the enemy melees you but dont lock on until tou take a step back

2. Hold the L button t strafe and take a step back to dodge the enemy melee then walk forwards again and melee the enemy, this will confuse the enemy and put his back to you so you can then turn around and fire on the already wounded man.

3. Run straight towards the enemy but then hold L right when you are about to strike and take a step to the side and let the enemy miss his melee or shot and spin off his side and melee him in te back or lock on and fire. These are some of the basic CQC tactics that are extremely affective if you can think and react fast enough.


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PostSubject: Re: Close Quarters Combat/CQC hand to and combat   Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:22 pm

Thanks.But I think everyone should already know this.
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Close Quarters Combat/CQC hand to and combat

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